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The Period Piece Iconathon--Because Even the Proper Like to Get Down and Dirty
Challenge One Dedicated to Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice
4th-Nov-2008 07:07 am - Challenge 1--Rules & Regulations
Introduction +
Welcome to the perpieathon, created by chefs_d_oeuvre. The Period Piece Iconathon is a community celebrating a new, more flexible, version of the very popular LIMS. Don't like worrying about having to submit an icon when you have real life to attend to? Tired of getting kicked out just because you had one bad icon round? Sick of not being recognized for your participation? And fed up that every time you go to sign up for a LIMS you've missed the deadline?

Here's how an iconathon, and more specifically how the perpieathon seeks to amend these issues:

[*] AN ICONATHON IS BASED ON CUMMULATIVE POINTS. This means you can pick what challenges to enter, when to vote, etc. and still have a chance of winning. You can have a bad icon round and still recover. You don't have to worry about whether you can skip, etc. As long as you keep track of your points, you can figure out how to play the game.

[*] YOU CAN SIGN UP ANY TIME DURING THE CHALLENGE. Because it is based on cumulative points, you may enter any time during the competition. Obviously, the sooner you join in, the sooner you can start earning points. But there will be three (3) bonus rounds given out sporadically during the challenges to help people earn any much-needed points.

[*] LOYALTY AND COMMITMENT ARE NOT OVERLOOKED. You don't need to place every round to win the challenge. As fully laid out below, this community awards points for participation, voting, and spreading the challenge love.

[*] SPREAD THE LOVE, NOT THE GLOOM. Let's be honest--it sucks to be eliminated. And it truly doesn't help when you see how many people voted negatively for your work and write comments on why it's crappy. Here at this community, we celebrate the favorites and forgive the less than stellar. Translation: Only positive votes allowed.

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4th-Nov-2008 06:45 am - Suggestion Box
A challenge's success and fun is dependent on the happiness and participation of its members.  I'm here to serve you (don't get any crazy ideas, though...lol), and I want to know if you guys really like something, really hate something, or just have an idea to help make this community kick all other icontests' butts.

So if you have anything you want to get off your chest, this is the place to do it. 

We're always looking for:

- Overall Challenge ideas--What are your favorite period/costume films?
- Round ideas: Just dying to do a b&w challenge?  Feeling like doing a color theme?  Let me know any ideas you have.
- Special categories: Any creative or unusual special categories you can think of?

Thanks for participating everyone!

Your friendly mod,
4th-Nov-2008 05:18 am - Challenge 1--Sign Ups
 Sign up Notes:

[01.] Challenge #3 is tentative scheduled to start Monday, December 1, 2008. Contest will run approx. until January 7. or January 14, 2009 (depending on hiatus for the Xmas holiday).
[02.] You must be a member of theperpieathon
to participate. If you need to, join now.
[03.] Please sign up with the following:

LJ name:
* Banner maker?: Y/N
+ Referral:

* Banner makers are on a first come, first serve basis (10 rounds, 3 bonus, 7 alternates). If you have a request regarding when you'd like to be banner maker (i.e. in the beginning, not during holidays, during holidays, bonus round, etc.) please let me know when you sign up, and I will do my best to accommodate you).

+ If you are new to this community please let us know how you found out about us.

[04.] "The Participant No." Heading is really just because I'd like to know quickly how many people are signed up. It in NO WAY will represent you during the contest.

Let the games begin!Collapse )
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